Irish red and white setter



3.February 2023


WJW´21 Lanamore Huge Hope Herriot


CH Lanamore Greast Grace Gordana

Nanettka, also called Nanučik, is the daughter of our Gorda and Herriot, both of whom are fostered by our kennel Lanamore. It is already the second generation of Irish Red and White Setters bred here, but also the first where both offspring are puppies from our kennel. Nanettka is the granddaughter of our Lana and Debinka. She won us over with her grace, and although I didn't want to keep any puppies from this litter because of the large number of dogs, after Debinka's sudden departure, I realized that she actually made room for her so that Nanette could stay with us.

Nanette on photo in age 5 months

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