LITTER Sweet Success

The mating of our two Irish Red and White Setters offsprings from our kennel  took place at the end of February 2024

Grand CH Lanamore Imagine Icon Istella "Stellka"

JCH Lanamore Kind Kiss Kristoph "Kris"


Kris and Stella had known each other before and got along very well. They got along nicely and worked out a lot together. This was the best prerequisite for a partnership and a perfect seamless cover, which took place on February 23 and 24.

Puppies were born on 24th April 2024

We have 5 males andf 3 femles

Exactly according to my calculations, Stellka's puppies were born on her third birthday.

Pupies would be available for collection in June, or if agreed, collection can be scheduled to suit your needs.


Here you will find more photos and information about the parents and photos of the puppies added further down.

Pedigree of puppies

More info and photos of Stella and Kris can be found on this page below

                  Stellka                                       Kris

The first meeting of Kris and Stella was very successful

Something about Stella, our Dylka's daughter.

Stellka lives with my friend Beatka in the beautiful nature of Banská Štiavnica. Stellka is a beautiful tall female and her parents are Dylka and Paddy. She is very elegant, show successful and very cuddly. Her puppies will be born as our external litter with Beatka in Stiavnica.

Here are some photos of her

Something about Kris, Stella's partner.

Kris is a puppy of our kennel, he is a son of our Angel and Debinka. He is a very successful dog in the show, he is also very clever on the working side , he swims and retrieves very well and he has had several first prize hunting trials. He is also intellectually clever, he is excellent at solving dog puzzles and has become the face of MANAHU, the company that supplies these puzzles. He has passed his canister therapy exams and with his sensitive nature helps disabled children and adults. He is also a big cuddler and would do anything for his owner Dasa!!

Here are some pictures of him

Stellka 55 days of pregnancy

Puppies came on the World, first their photos are here

second week

Blue boy - Saimon

Green boy - Scott

Brown boy - Shiro

Turquoise boy - Swen

Orange boy - Sunny

Pink girl - Sydney

Red girl - Sheron

Cyclamen girl - Sheila