Bucky - Inter.Champion C.I.E., Grand Champion

Khyannes Buckshot

To this day, Bucky has 53 beautiful and healthy puppies
23 males and 30 females.
Their photos are shown below.

Some of them have been tested for hips and elbows dysplasia and all have HD A / A, ED 0/0 results

Bucky mating:

In 2018 Bucky mated three females in three kennels.

In the Czech Republic - kennel Morrison and kennel Seattle Grays

In Slovakia - kennel Zo splavu z Hoste

In this three kennels were born 23 puppies together, 

11 males and 12 females.


In year 2020 Bucky inseminated in the German kennel

Of Merlin dream´s

On June 20 were born three puppies, 2 females and 1 male 


In year, on April 23th 2021, were born 8 puppies of Bucky and Odetka in our kennel.

5 females and 3 males.

Unfortunately, in the first week we lost two females

we have 3 males and 3 females 

On 21th July 2021 were born 11 puppies of our Bucky  in kennel z Pántikov

4 males and 7 females

In May 2022 were born new Bucky´s litter Lovely Love with ou Flay  10 puppies - 4 males and 6 females

Seven puppies from all litters stayed in the kennels with the breeders and with new owners  for breeding,  the others are placed in great families. We will probably meet some of them at exhibitions or at hunting trials and trials.

Bucky had very beautiful litter Lovely Love with our Flayr. Puppies were born on 2nd May 2022 - 4 males and 6 females

More photos is in section OUR LITTERS

On 21th Júly 2021 were born 11 puppies of our Bucky and Hanna z Pántikov 

4 males and 7 females

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9 weeks

6 weeks

In our kennel were born on 23th April 2021 next Bucky´s puppies with Odetka 

We have 3 boys and 3 girls

one tricolor, one orange belton and four blue belton

All  photos you find in section Chosen Chance litter


In kennel  Of Merlin Dream´s in Germany

were born on  20th June 2020 3 Bucky´s puppies

In this kennel were born 3 puppie, 1 male and 2 famales


On  October 15th 2018 were born second puppies

of Bucky and Sárréti Diamond Flower

in kennel Zo splavu z Hoste.

7 males and 3 females 

On September 13th 2018 were born first puppies

of Bucky and Janis Joplin Morrison

in kennel Morrison

1 male and 5 females

On November 24th 2018 were born third puppies

of Bucky and Lexie od Alpské protěže

in kennel Seattle Greys.

3 males and 4 females