Litter Only One

We have an external litter of English Setters 

Parents are: Our Bucky and Arven, Odetka's second daughter

LANAMORE Faith Flame Fallon aka "Arven"


C.I.E., Grand CH, CH, JCH KHYANNES Buckshot "Bucky"

Arven lives with his loving family Alenka and Michal and little Šimonko and Esterka. They decided to keep her, and because she is very smart, she easily passed the hunting tests and met all the conditions of breeding and joined the females that are covered by our ChS Lanamore. 

We took a long time to decide on the father and decided on our Bucky, because the previous litter of Bucky and Flayr, Arwenka's sister, produced a very beautiful and healthy litter of puppies, so we decided to repeat and combine these genes again.



Fotky Lanamore Faith Flame Fallon "Arven"

Fotky  Khyannes Buckshot - Buckyho

Arven gave birth to an only orange boy!!!

Lanamore Only One O´Noell

D.o.b 30.December 2022

Noell - 5 weeks

Noell 1 month old

Noell 7-13 days

His eyes open, his ears turn brown, dots on his nose pop out.

First photos of Noell