Irish red and white setter


Breeding female


21.August 2020


Inter.CH C.I.B. REDMORE Debbie


 Inter.CH C.I.E. a C.I.B. Eshare Explorer ARTEGERD

Awards and titles:

Junior Champion of Slovakia

Junior Club Winner 2021

2x Junior BOB, BOS


Hunting ability test T.A.N. 


Full dentition, correct bite, dyplasie: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD clear

Blood testes: PRA rcd 1, PRA rcd 4 a CLAD - clear


She is very beautiful and gentle on the outside, but inside she is a big badass and a devil. She likes to bite my hands, rip my nightgown in the morning, wrestle with Gordy and love to run around the garden.

I believe that life with her will be cheerful and certainly not boring.

Honey has met the kennel conditions and is ready to have her first puppies:

Honey celebrated on August 21th her 3th Birthday on 55th day of her pregnancy, she is waiting her first litter

Honey  - February 2023

Honey celebrated on 21th Augusta 2022 her 2nd Birthday

Sommer 2022

Honey wish you Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022

Sommer 2021

Winter  2020 with Honey

Christmas 2020

4 months

Honesty 3 months

2,5 months

Galery of little Honey

8 weeks - Honey little gardener

6 weeks

3 weeks

1 week