English setter

Breeding female

In her pedigree, there is a combination of a pure Czech working line and a pure American line, which maintains excellent working skills and an elevated exterior.


14.August 2019





Awards and titles:

Champion of Slovakia

Slovakia Dog Cup 2021 - 1st place


Hunting ability test T.A.N.


Full dentition, correct bite, dysplásia HD A/A, BAER test normal


Flayr is my dream and prayed tricolor from our first litter of English Setters. Her name means "Flower" and that's what she is for me, because she is beautifully tricolor.

During pregnancy, I stroked Odetka's belly and told her that I longed for exactly that "Darcynka", that's how I nicknamed her at the time. It was clear on the first day that she would be a tricolor and I knew that she was my "chosen one"

She inherited bright colors and a beautiful head from her father Darcy, and high temperament and fearlessness from her mother Odie.

During the birth, she fell straight into my hand, I caught her, because she was born to Odetka while walking, and if I didn't catch her quickly, she would have fallen on sharp stones and killed herself. So I took it as a sign that I shouldn't let her go and keep her within reach.

Everything indicated that he would definitely stay with us, but my painful discs and a large pack forced me to share this happiness with someone close to me.

So she became a new member of our dog pack, with the small difference that she lives most of the time with my friend Mirka and her family in Bratislava.

We are both taking care of her, she comes to us and we will continue to enjoy her.

Mirka lives life as a house dog and I believe that she is also a beloved member of the family, and with us she is equally loved and lives part of her life as a breeding bitch.

In October 2020, Flayrka met all the conditions for inclusion in breeding and thus became the next breeding female of our clan.

in 2022 she gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies in the Lovely Love litter. Two females from him were selected for breeding.

I believe that she will pass on her beauty to her offspring and will make us all happy.

Photo from summer 2021 - Flayr almost 2 years

Our beautiful pregnant Flayr in 59th week of pregnancy came to us from our friend Mirka to give birth to her second puppies in a few days.

She met her mother Odetka and together they had a great time in the garden.

Flayr came to us for the summer holidays. She looks amazing, even better after last year's puppies than before.

Pregnant Flayr wait of her puppies.

Flayrka with momm Odeta

A small walk on Calvary before the progesterone check - February 2022

Flayr February 2022

Flayr  with mom Odie

Flayr wish you Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022

Flayr - July 2021 - almost 2 years

Christma 2020

Autumn 2020 with Flayr

Flayr 13,5 months

Flayr with mom Odeta

Flayr in Specialy Club Dogshow Kamenny Mlyn 8th August 2020

Flayr in work- 11 months

Flayr 11 months

6 mesiacov

3 months

2 months

6 weeks

First photos of Flaviola