English setter



15.Júly 2022


WW21´, C.I.E. , Grand CH  Coco Chanel Lanamore Lymarkos


Allistar Mister of Settercity


Jadinka, as little Jade is called, is a cute female, very temperamental . She inherited her beautiful head from her mother Coco and her beautiful color from her father Aramis.

She is great friends with Missy and Nollen. They all create various antics together.

We counted on Jadinka in our breeding because she is very beautiful in appearance and similar to her mother Coco. Unfortunately, she does not have full teeth, which is very important for breeding. Therefore, she cannot be bred and will only be in our pack as a pet.


Jadinka 8 months

Jadinka 6 months

5,5 months

Jadinka - 12 weeks

Photos of Jadinka from Facebook

10 weeks

7 weeks

5 weeks

2,5 weeks

First photos