Litter True Tale

We are have another litter of English Setters with our Flayr.

We chose Purry, the sire of our Royal Reward litter, as her mate.

Planned parents are:

CH Lananmore Faith Flame Flaviola "Flayr"


Grand CH Lucksheray Pure Soul "Purry"

Flayr she started to heat up in teh middle of February 2024.

That's how we met groom Purry. The mating took place on February 27 . Ultrasound confirmed, Flayr is pregnant!!!

Puppies came in the world. We have 9 puppies - 5 girls and 4 boys

If all goes well, the puppies should be born at the end of April and available for collection at the end of June.


We have four females and two males available

Females: violet, gray, pink and orange collar

Males: blue and brown collar

some photos of  Purry

more photos of Flayr you can find here, press the button

Pregnant Flayr 2 weeks to birt. Even pregnancy didn't stop her from jumping in the water, swimming and cooling off a bit. She's a real athlete

First day

3 weeks

First photos of our newborn puppies

This is how we came gradually into the world

Always according to the mood, either politely lined up or hala-bala, as we please

Second week of our life

Grandma Odette helps her daughter Flayr with cleaning the puppies

Our moments together

6 weeks

Click on the photo to enlarge

Blue boy - blue belton - Tristan"Tris" - available

Green boy - orange belton - Tarantino"Tino" - reserved

Yellow boy - orange belton - Thitus"Thity" - reserved

Brown boy - blue belton -Trinidad"Trin" - reserved

Orange girl - tricolor - Trinitty"Trinie" - available

Pink girl - orange belton - Thiara"Thia" - available

Violet girl - orange belton - Tobago"Tobie" - available

Red girl - orange belton - Tabahati "Bahati" - reserved

Gray girl - blue belton - Thalia"Thili" - available