English setter

Stud dog

Combination of pure Czech and Italian lines with excellent working and exhibition conditions.


25.March 2015


  Int.CH Q. Darsy Sa Bedema 


Aura Auriferous River Otava 


Awards and titles:

INTER Champion C.I.E.

GRAND Champion of Slovakia

Champion of Slovakia

Junior Champion of Slovakia

Junior Champion of Czech republic

Open Championchip of Hungary

Open Championchip of Czech republic

Cruft´s qualification 2017

Winner Slovakia Dog Cup 2017 - 1.miesto

Winner of pointing dogs BEST IN SHOW 1

Specialy Club Dogshow SKPS - 2 x res. BEST IN SHOW

International Dogshow Veľká Ida 2017 - BEST IN GROUP 3

Junior Club Winner  SKPS 2016

Club Winner SKPS 2016, 2018

 Winner of Specialy Club Dogshow 2017, 2018

BEST IN SHOW puppy of Specialy Dogshow SPKP 2015

 Multi BOJ, Multi BOB, Multi CACIB, Multi CAC


International Field Trial - Hunting ability exam T.A.N.


Full dentition correct bite, dysplasia DBK B/B

BAER test normal,  PRA rcd 4 clear, Thyroid normal


Bucky is the father of 43 beautiful and healthy puppies in 6 kennels in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany, all his tested offspring HD A/A and BAER +/+

Bucky is a sweet dog.

He likes to be cuddled very much and is still playful. His nature is pliable and adaptable. He is fast in the game and wants to get all the sticks, cubes and toys for himself.

Its appearance is very interesting due to the symmetrical coloring of the head.

He is the first English Setter in our family.

Bucky's love came to me unexpectedly, like a bolt out of the blue, the first time I saw his photo. I felt that he would be more than just a dog for me, that he would become my friend and love for life.

So we traveled to Hungary to see him. Due to a misguided navigation error, the trip was extended by a few hours, and after six long hours, I was finally able to hold him in my arms and never let him go.

On the way back, we were caught in a terrible storm that blew the chairs around at the gas station where we were eating, shook the tree our car was parked under, and shot lightning straight onto the road in front of us, sending lots of fiery sparks.

It was a scenario like something out of a horror film, but we still arrived home happily.

Now I understand that the whole of Hungary was angry with us for taking away such a beautiful and amazing dog like Bucky!!

Neither storm nor thunder will stop us from staying together!!

Neither storm nor thunder will stop us from staying together!!

Bucky celebrated on 25th March his 9th Birthday

Bucky celebrated on March 2023 his 8th birthday

Bucky celebrated on March 2022 his 7th birthday

Christmas 2021 with Bucky

Autumn 2021

Christmas 2020

Autumn  2020

Bucky our gardener - be careful not to slip the mouse or the cat

Summer 2020 with Bucky

A view for experts - Bucky was not perfectly trimmed and ready to take pictures in position, especially the front and straps, but a photographer who was willing to take pictures  came to us, so I used it quickly 🙂

Bucky´s 5 birthday 2020

Bucky 2019

Bucky´s 3rd birthday

Christmas and winter 2017-2018 with Bucky

BUCKY celebrated on March 25. 2017 his second birthday

Bucky - 2 years

After a successful dogshow in Mlada Boleslav, we with Bucky to take a short trip to Prague and to the observatory in Ondřejov
Bucky  enjoyed it with us, acted like a big boy, review Golden Prague, took place observatory and workout agility

Gallery of Bucky

In photo studio

Gallery of little Bucky

clik on the picture

BUCKY celebrated on March 25. 2016 his first birthday