Irish red and white setter


Breeding female


3.July 2018


 Cu Conlaoch von der schönen Matte


Inter.CH C.I.E. Super Grand CH

Bellanice Artegerd 


Dogshows: 5 x Excellent, CAJC, 2x CAC

                        Club winner SKPS 2023                       

Junior Best of Breed (BOJ)

2x Best of opposite sex (BOS)

Junior Club Winner SKPS 2019

Slovakia Dog Cup 2019 - 1st place in breed and sex - Best female

Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2019 - 2nd place in breed and sex - Best 2nd female


Huntin ability test T.A.N.


Full dentition, correct bite, dysplásia: HD A/A, ED 0/0

Blood tests: Pra rcd 4 clear

Pra rcd 1 a CLAD hereditary clear


Deli (Dylaj, Dylka), as we call our Delilah, is a comforting and temperamental female. I chose her on the first day of her life, because at first glance she reminded me of her mother, Lana. After a while, a splotch appeared on her nose, which makes her the nose of Rudolph the reindeer, and it forced me to call her Rudolph. She grew up to be a beautiful female, I believe no less successful and intelligent than her mother Lana.

I chose her name after the title of "Delilah" by Tom Jones, which as a child I often listened to at my grandmother's house on holidays. So with her name, a piece of memories of a beautiful childhood comes to my life.

Deli, is a very temperamental and sensitive female, a bit distrustful of strangers, but once someone wins her heart, she goes to lick him to death. She has a lot of energy, she likes to plant flowers for me and invent various antics, she likes to run and jump like a doe, and I love her very much.

After several weeks of training and her friend Marcelka, Deli managed to take the mandatory T.A.N. exams. and thus fulfilled the last condition for breeding and thus became the next breeding female in our station.

In her first litter named Imagine Icon, 5 puppies, 3 females and 2 males were born in April 2021. We believe that she will give us beautiful and healthy puppies in the next litters so that Lana's family tree can continue. Her daughter Istella became another breeding female wich is covered by Lanamore.


Dylkine 5. narodeniny - 3.júla 2023

Our Dylka on July 3th 2022 celebrated her 4th birthday

Deli wish you Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022

Our Deli celebrated on 3. July her third birthday.

Pregnant Deli 54th day she love play in garden

Christmas 2020

Deli´s secon birthday

Deli, June 2020, almost 2 years

Our little Deli celebrated first birthday

Deli in Slavkov 4.May 2019


Deli - 10 months


Deli - 8 months

Deli - 7 months

Deli - 5 - 6 months

Deli - 4 months

First photos of Deli