We have twins!

On 28th October 20221 were born two puppies

1 male and 1 female

Parents are Debbie and Angelo:

Inter.CH C.I.B. Redmore Debbie

Inter.CH C.I.E. Lanamore Alpha Edition Angelo

I called the litter KIND KISS because Angelo and Debbie are wonderful friends and they were very tender lovers, they kissed and wandered around when they mated, as if they knew they belonged to each other.

Photos of both parents are here in theyr galleries
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Pregnant Debbie

Krystal a Kristoph - first week

8 days

1 month

Christmas photos

Kristoph "Kris"- male

3,5 weeks

1 month

Christmas 2021

Kristoph aka Kris 6 month old with Dáša

Krystal "Krys" - female

3,5 weeks

1 month

Christmas 2021

Krystal aka Nala 6 month old in kennel redmor with Michaela