Angelo had two litters of puppies with our Debbie 

In the first KIND KISS litter, two puppies were born in 2021 - a female and a male, in the second MIGHTY MIRACLE litter, three puppies were born in 2022 - two females and one male. You can find their photos in the section PUPPIES - OUR LITTERS  under their names.


Angelo's last litter abroad are puppies born on May 27, 2022 in Austria at the Cedric Valentin kennel with female Esmé Artegerd "Enja" from a very high-quality breeding from the same kennel as our Lana

Tu je niekoľko fotiek šteniatok

Angelo has puppies from 4 litters in kennels in Czech republic.

In kennel Z Drválovského revíru on August 29, 2021 were born 4 puppies with female McGullicuddy´s Lucy

In kennel BLAHUD  on 31st May 2021 were born 8 puppies with female Roxana z Lukovskych lanu

Puppies of our ANGELO in kennel Blahud in Czech republic


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Kennel Z Drválovského revíru - 11 puppies with Amálka z Drválovského revíru


Kennel Z Lukovských lánu - 5 puppies with Tera z Lukovských lánu